Since the learning process at our university is in English language Ala-Too International University offers students to fill in the gaps in the language in Preparatory school and help them get the opportunity to study in English language in the faculty they choose. Preparatory school includes a one-year course taught by skilled and experienced personnel which is concentrated on teaching students English and Turkish languages. The students are taught basic skills necessary for any language proficiency such as reading and comprehension skills, written language and spoken language.The preparatory program was devised for young people and always gets renewed according to the new technics of language learning and acquisition.
Study at preparatory school is held in a friendly atmosphere. The instructors strive to create favorable conditions for students so that they could get not only knowledge of the languages but the knowledge of being a good personality as well. Life of the students of preparatory school is very intensive. They always get the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and actively participate in university life. The university suggests many clubs and courses of art where youth can evolve their skills and abilities.

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